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En cas de décès

The J. Edgar Lebreux Funeral Home has always made it its mission to advise and support families throughout all the steps surrounding the death of a loved one. Over the years, this dedication has allowed us to build a sound reputation based on trust and satisfaction.

Contact your funeral home

When you lose a loved one, contact your funeral home first.

To make your life easier, our staff will be there to assist you as you go through the steps associated with a death. They will help you:

  • Make arrangements to collect the body;
  • Meet your family to help you plan the funeral thoroughly. During this meeting with an advisor, it will be important to have in hand the following information and items belonging to the deceased (see list);
  • Advise your family about funeral services in keeping with your wishes;
  • Contact your parish or another agency to organise the funeral or any other ceremony in keeping with your requests;
  • Write the obituary and make arrangements to have it published in the newspapers of your choice and on our website;
  • Do what is needed to arrange for space at the columbarium or cemetery in keeping with your wishes;
  • Provide the declaration of death in any many copies as needed to all the institutions requesting one;
  • Provide reassuring support at each step along the way.

For more information, the funeral home can give you a number of documents to help you.

Meeting with the family counsellor

Following the death of a loved one, here is what you’ll have to bring along to your meeting with the family counsellor: :

  • Clothing, underwear, socks, dentures, glasses (so we can prepare the deceased);
  • The deceased’s health insurance card (if you have it);
  • His/her social insurance card (or at least the number);
  • His/her birth certificate (if not, you should have the information provided on the birth certificate);
  • If there is a living spouse, we will need the same information indicated above for that person, as well as the date and place of marriage;
  • A recent photo to help us prepare the deceased, include with the obituary in the newspapers and print on the bookmarks or thank-you cards;
  • The list of the bereaved, indicating the maiden names of the women (this is for the notice that will be published in the newspapers);
  • Two (2) ID documents for the person in charge named by the family (for instance, driver’s licence, medical insurance card, passport…).
Download printable PDF list

Important: allow about two hours for the meeting with your counselor.

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